The counselling experience consists of a safe place to focus and reflect on your life and its meaning. It is a time when someone will truly listen, without judgement, to your deepest thoughts and feelings. It is also an opportunity to clarify your thoughts, values, needs, beliefs, and wants in order to find a healthier more balanced perspective.

When you come into counselling, some aspects we will be exploring is your personal experiences within the context of how you came to be who you are, the use of language and how it can alter how we perceive the world, and how certain circumstances have defined your thoughts and emotions, in order to make meaning of your experiences.

I work with many people to overcome challenges such as:

• Anxiety and Stress
• Relationship difficulties
• Family of origin issues
• Depression and sadness
• Grief and loss
• Life Transitions
• Addiction
• Self-Esteem
• Anger
• School issues
• Trauma

Registered Clinical Counsellor’s fees are not covered through BC Medical Services Plans. However, many employers typically provide some form of coverage, either indirectly through insurance plans such as Blue Cross, or directly through the provision of specified funds for counselling purposes. Please check with your insurance provider about whether they cover Registered Clinical Counsellors. I am also contracted through First Nations Health Authority, Optima Global Health, Walmsley Counselling Services to provide services to those who are members and qualify.